Doggy Day Care in Birmingham Ensures Dogs Are No Longer Home Alone!

Posted By: Diane Stokes on Apr 08, 2013 in Blog
Doggy Day Care center in Birmignham ensures dogs are no longer home alone

Just off Perry Barr in Birmingham is Lovely Bones, the Doggy Day Care centre that recently opened this year for business. Within just a few months they’ve seen dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds come through their doors to experience a new phenomenon called doggy day care.

The Birmingham doggy day care centre provides a safe, fun and stimulating environment for dogs to be looked after during the day. With people having to travel far to work and work longer hours dog owners were left with the difficult decision to leave their dogs at home alone all day. This is where Lovely Bones Doggy Day Care came to be.

Owner, an ex-veterinary nurse with 27 years experience, Jane McJane noticed that there was a lack of quality dog care in the Birmingham area. She asked local dog owners, family and friends how best they’d like their dog to be cared for whilst there were at work and it was from their responses the idea was born.

The doggy day care centre in Birmingham is kitted out with all manner of dog-loving things from trampolines to slides! Lazy dogs even have a sofa to lay on so they feel right at home. The staff, all experienced in dog care play with the dogs giving them plenty of exercise and help them socialise with one another.

Dog owners who have to leave their dogs at home are left worrying about their dog’s well being and the state of their furniture when they return home! Dogs left alone can become anxiety-ridden, manifesting in negative behaviour such as destroying furniture or even at times aggression.

Socialising with people and other dogs are a vital component in a dog’s overall well-being. At Lovely Bones Doggy Day Care in Birmingham dogs get to sniff each other, play with each other and get some quality interaction with people.

The range of dogs at Lovely Bones in Birmingham range from the large Leonbergers to handbag sized Pugs. People are welcome to visit so they can see the huge happy faces on the dogs there and to see just how perfect the environment is for them.

Owners love leaving their dogs there for a variety of reasons. Some like that when they pick their dog up they’re ready to drop and just go straight to sleep when they get home from a long day at work. Others worry about their dogs being stolen while they’re out and others have had negative experiences from leaving their dog at home such as coming home to find their lovely leather sofa torn to shreds!

Owners can leave their dog on an hour to hour basis, a day to day basis, week by week basis or on a monthly basis. Through word of mouth there’s never a quiet moment at Lovely Bones Doggy Day Care. If you’re interested be sure to be quick as spaces are limited.

If you want to find out more or arrange a visit you can contact us on 0121 356 2255. Remember spaces are limited so be quick to avoid disappointment.

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